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Residential GRDs

At AmeriFlow, we offer stylish grilles, registers and diffusers made from high quality materials and exacting workmanship that feature a durable paint finish.  All products have been carefully tested at our facilities, providing efficient, long-lasting performance. 

AmeriFlow products are built with the contractors in mind. Wide borders, a large selection of sizes and easy installation features allow for savings in time and money.

Our products are readily available to you in home improvement stores across North America.

General Selection Procedure

1. When the heat loss or heat gain in Btuh for each room is not specified, it should be calculated in accordance with the methods outlined in the current ASHRAE Guide.

2. Determine the number of outlets needed per room. At least one outlet for each exposed wall in each room should be used for heating, except that only one outlet may be used in bedrooms that have less than 7,000 Btuh heat loss and are located over a heated space. Select at least one heat outlet for each 8,000 Btuh heat loss or 4,000 Btuh heat gain for a room, whichever is greater. The use of several small outlets, each handling moderate air volumes, in place of using fewer and larger outlets may be necessary for better air distribution, and will cut down dirt streaking.

3. The Btuh delivery required for each room outlet is determined by dividing the total room heat loss or gain by the number of outlets. It is usually standard practice to use the cooling conversion chart for year-round air conditioning, unless the heating requirements are larger, as the larger CFM required for cooling can be dampered down (lower than fan speed, etc.)
for heating. Always make sure the pressure loss is within your blower capacity.

All tests used in compilation of performance data were conducted under isothermal conditions (supply air and room air temperatures being equal); therefore, the throw data will be slightly greater for heating and slightly less for cooling.