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6400W — Series T-Bar High-Volume Diffuser

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6400W — Series T-Bar High-Volume Diffuser


Engineering Data (189 KB, PDF)
  • Steel construction
  • Provides high air volume delivery
  • 360-degree air diffusion
  • Formed back panel
  • Fixed core
  • Fiberglass insulation blanket with foil vapor barrier to minimize condensation
  • Insulation prescored to accommodate collar size desired
  • 6400R6W comes with R6 molded insulated back
  • Accepts unique 2" high snap-in collar (G6400C series) (6" to 12")
  • Utilizes butterfly damper (G1700B series) inserted in collar
  • Bright White finish
  • 14" collar factory installed - for 6414W, 6414R6W